The Weasel can be identified by their off yellow-brown coloured fur on their back. However, the changing of seasons also means the colouring of their fur differs. The short legs of weasels allow them to burrow and follow prey underground.


They will inhabit areas such as: open fields, woodlands, farmland and other abandoned burrows. The Weasel searches for areas that are abundant in small mammals and where there is nearby fresh water available.


They have a diet made up of small mammals and will also occasionally eat frogs, fish and birds’ eggs, basically whatever is available at the time.

Predators & Threats

The most common predators to weasels are birds of prey such as: owls, eagles and hawks. Another threat when in farmland and suburban areas can come from domesticated dogs and cats. Other predation can arise from foxes and snakes.


  • Weasels are the smallest carnivorous mammal in the world.
  • Despite being small, weasels can have a fierce personality.


Common Name(s)Scientific Name
Weasel, Least WeaselMustela nivalis
 6.8-8.5 inches in length
1-3 years

Best Time to Look

To see male Weasels is easier than females, they are can be found searching for females which tend to remain in burrows during the Spring & Summer months.

Where to find Weasel