Are UK Wildlife Species Decreasing In Number?

Based on studies, the UK has lost more than 16% of all animals including fish and birds since the 1970s. Reports also indicate that more than 10% of UK’s wildlife species are in danger of becoming extinct. Meanwhile, the population of all endangered species in the UK have dropped by 65% from the 1970s to […]

9 Native British Animals

The UK is home to different species of animals. But do you know which ones are native to the country? If you want to learn about native British animals, we’ve listed some of them below: Red Deer The red deer is a native British animal that started inhabiting the country 11,000 years ago. It is […]

Noteworthy Hedgehog Facts You Must Know

BBC wildlife launched a poll in 2013 to search for Britain’s Wildlife Icon. Which animal emerged victorious and claimed the title? It is the hedgehog! This spiny creature edged out the badger over a thousand votes. The other plant and animal species it bested include the red squirrel, oak tree, robin, otter, ladybird, swallow, water […]

The Most Common Birds In Britain

As of January 2017, there are 603 species of birds occurring in the UK according to the British Trust for Ornithology. This list includes those that reside in the country as well as those that migrate here during the winter season. Without a doubt, Britain’s bird population is very diverse which is why bird-watching activities […]

Should We Stop Eating Sea Urchins?

Sea urchins are easily recognisable marine animals. They look like spiny spheres under the sea and they grow to around 1-4 inches in diameter. There are hundreds of different species of sea urchins. Their colour vary depending on their species, but most of them are green, red, purple, black and brown. They belong to a […]

How Air Pollution Affects Birds

Global air pollution is worsening at an alarming rate. In 2016, a report stated that, in just five years, outdoor air pollution increased by 8% worldwide. The places most affected by this are cities in developing countries such as those in Asia and the Middle East. Meanwhile, in the UK, air quality isn’t as hazardous […]

10 Interesting Facts About Otters

Otters are carnivorous mammals with thick fur and webbed feet. They are friendly and playful which is why they’re one of the well-loved animals in the world. In the UK, otters almost became extinct in the fifties and sixties because of rivers contaminated with chemical residues. Fortunately, in 2011, the Environment Agency announced their return. […]

Recent Seahorse Sighting In Studland Bay

This summer, a female spiny seahorse was seen in Studland Bay. No seahorse has been spotted in this area for the past three years. The Seahorse Trust named it Hope. British coastline is home to two species of seahorses – the short-snouted and spiny or long-snouted seahorse. Since 2008, both species have been declared protected […]

Harbour Seal And Grey Seal – How To Tell Them Apart

Spotting seals in the UK is not an unusual occurrence because they have a large population in the country. There are over 30 species of seals; however, only two types of species inhabit British waters – the harbour seal and the grey seal. While it’s possible for you to see other species such as ringed, […]

Where To See Bottlenose Dolphins In The UK

Playful and highly intelligent, the bottlenose dolphin fascinates a lot of people. Want to know where to find them in the UK? Before we tell you the best spots for bottlenose dolphin sightings, let’s learn a few important facts about these adorable marine mammals. What Are Bottlenose Dolphins? Bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus, are one of […]

Great White Sharks in the UK: Why Don’t They Visit?

It’s hard not to love sharks or at the very least: find them absolutely, crazy-fascinating. We could sit and talk all day about the trillion-and-one things that make them so cool. But instead, let’s turn our attention to the most notorious species: the Great White. It’s an awesome and powerful apex predator that can be found […]