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Slow Worm

Background The Slow Worm has a somewhat deceptive name, as these animals are neither slow nor are they worms. They are in fact legless lizards, and when threatened or surprised they can move exceptionally fast. When attacked by predators, like lizards, they can shed their tails, in order to escape. Habitat Slow Worms live mainly […]

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Palmate Newt

Background This smooth-skinned amphibian: the Palmate Newt is thought to be the smallest found in Britain. Whilst appearing very similar to the Smooth Newt, a key identification method is to look at the throat. Palmate Newts do not have spots on the throat, whereas the Smooth Newt does. The egg larvae of the two species […]

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Common European Adder

Background Whilst the Common European Adder is Britain’s only venomous snake, it is unlikely for people to be bitten by one. These snakes are elusive and try to avoid human contact as much as possible. The distinguishing feature of these snakes is the dark zig-zag pattern that is found on the back of the snake. […]

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