Within the Forest of Bowland, Aughton Woods is the largest ancient woodland in the Lune valley. Aughton woods consist of five adjacent woods which are Burton, Shire Oaks, Walks, Lawson’s and Cole woods. Aughton Woods has a history. The word Aughton means a settlement of oak. The woods though are now reverting to a high forest but still, it has a history of previous management which can seem today. A wide field of flora and fauna are scattered across the Aughton woods.  There are clear paths and foot paths for the people who want to go through the woods. Besides the growing plants, the woods are known for its wildlife as well. Badgers and some beautiful birds can be found there.

Things to do:


Take a walk down the beautiful Aughton Woods and explore its beauty. The clear paths and trails are available for the public to easily walk through the woods with ease.


In the Spring, visitors will find a bed of bluebells over the Aughton Woods grounds. The Bluebells scattered across the woods are a beautiful site along with countless kinds of gorgeous flowers.

How to get there:

The Nature Reserve can be accessed from the West end of the public footpath. The footpath has a concessionary path taking visitors up across Lawson’s Meadow and into the woods. There are additional entrances at the eastern end in Cole wood but can be accessed with a permit only.


You can access the woods by parking in Crook O’Lune Holiday Park, Caton Road, Caton, Lancaster LA2 9HP.