Built more than 800 years ago, Bradgate Park is a deer park with a rich history. With one of the oldest brick country houses and a famous landmark, it is a popular attraction. The Bradgate Park extends a land of 830 acres and has oak trees which are over 500 years old. The old Bradgate House was the birthplace and Childhood home of Lady Jane Grey. She was Queen of England for nine days in 1553. The other major landmark of Bradgate Park is the Old John Tower that sits on the highest point of the park.

The 18th-century tower is one of the most famous landmarks of Leicestershire. The entire park has a remarkable landscape. The Swithland Woods is the perfect place for a picnic and deer watching. The River Linn passes through the Lower Park which in turn gives a spectacular view.

Things to do:


Bradgate Park holds many events of guided tours, walks and events. These events are meant to help the visitors know the history of the park.


The Swithland woods are perfect for a picnic spot while your children paddle around in the shallows or just while you’re watching a deer.


Bring your cycles along to cycle on the tarmac carriageway within Bradgate Park.

Horse riding:

Horse riding is also available on some tracks of the Bradgate Park and Swithland Woods.

Wildlife and Plants:

Besides the occasional deer, the Common European Adder, Palmate Newt and Noctule Bats are found. There is a variety of flora and fauna as well in the woods and park.

How to get there – Address:

Deer Barn Buildings, Estate Office, Bradgate Park Trail, Newtown Linford LE6 0HE, UK