Located in the London Borough of Richmond upon the Thames; Bushy Park is the second largest Royal Park after Richmond Park. With an area of 1100 acres, this park is the second largest and oldest in London Royal Parks. Dating back 4000 years; there is evidence that the park was used in the medieval times for agricultural purposes.

Today Bushy Park is a deer park as well as a sports park. Originally being a Royal Sports Park; today the Park has a fishing pond and model boating ponds. It also has formal plantations of trees and other plants. Bushy Park also consists of many lodges and cottages. The park has its own historical monuments like the Diana Fountain. It’s luscious green gardens and woodlands are perfect for a morning jog or exercise.

Things to do:

The Upper Lodge Water Gardens:

It comprises of a Baroque style collection of pools, basins, Cascades and canals. It’s a beautiful sight to watch the calming water flow.

Waterhouse Woodland Garden:

This includes the Waterhouse and Pheasantry Plantation of Bushy Park. It’s a serene woodland area which is perfect for a morning jog, stroll, or exercise.

Diana Fountain:

It is known as one of the most important sculptures of Britain. This fountain is the highlight of Bushy Park. It’s a must see due to its striking beauty and history.


Bushy Park has a wide range of wildlife which includes deer, birds, fish, mammals, grassland and wildflowers. Its beauty is one that is always attracting crowds.

Bushy Park Playground:

A playground for children where they can play and enjoy. It is located near the Diana Fountain.


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