Belonging to the Lucy family for over 900 years, Charlecote Park is a huge attraction today. Its rich history and the beauty of its gardens and park attract visitors from all over. Visitors are welcome to see the open rooms of Charlecote Park to discover more about the estate’s history. The kitchen is open and live, brought to life by the cooks working there in costume. The stables are where the family’s carriage collection is kept for visitors to see. The remarkable Charlecote Park garden is open for visitors to discover the variety of flowers and woods. The woods are open every day for picnics, wandering and playing. Watch deer and sheep graze around the woods whilst you enjoy a relaxing picnic.

Things to do:

Discover Treasures of Charlecote:

Discover more about the Lucy family and take in the Victorian style house. Visit the public rooms to learn the historical stories of old Charlecote Park.

Charlecote Kitchen:

The biggest part of Charlecote Park is the kitchen. There you will see servants in costumes working and cooking. You can see and discover the hard lives of the servants from the Victorian times. Take in all the old equipment and tools that were once used in the kitchen. Bring your children along so they can be fascinated as well.


Though the stables now hold the carriage collection of the Lucy family; it is fascinating nonetheless. One of the carriages even holds the unfortunate story of Mary Elizabeth’s death.


Visit the garden that Mary Elizabeth once loved, there’s a variety of beautiful plants to discover.

Deer Park:

Stroll through the deer park, have a picnic or play around in it and you’re likely to see a deer or two.


Charlecote Park is a great place for bird watching. There is also live cattle and you’ll find the largest heronries in Warwickshire.

The Family Church:

During your park stroll, you will come across St. Leonard’s church. The Church as rebuilt by Mary Elizabeth in memory of her husband.


While strolling through Charlecote Park you will find two rivers. The Shakespeare’s Avon and the little river Dene. The rivers are a beautiful sight when strolling or picnicking through the park.

How to get there – Address:

Charlecote, Warwick CV35 9ER, UK