Located in Warwickshire, the Coughton Court is an English Tudor country house. Embedded in history, Coughton Court is a century’s old country house that is situated on the main road between Studley and Alcester. The main attraction is the centuries-old gatehouse that was built in 1536. Wildlife is not on a large-scale in the estate except for the usual Badger, Water Vole, the Common Kestrel and deer.

Today it has been in the ownership of the National Trust. While the large estate is a beauty of its own, close by is the Spernal Estate.  Spernal is a small remote village on the bank of the small River Arrow. The river passes by both the Coughton Court and Spernal Estate. The small estate’s biggest attraction is the St. Leonards church.  It is a small stone building that was rebuilt in 1844.

Things to see & do

The entrance to the beginning of the trail is Coughton Court. Visitors are mostly handle by the National Trust because of Coughton Court being under its ownership.


Take a walk down to the three pre-historic churches. Go further down to reach the famous bluebell wood. The sight of the bluebells scattered around is captivating and an amazing experience.


The bluebell woods are not the only attraction. Coughton Court has many of its own wall gardens like its formal, orchard and cottage garden. The perfect place for a quiet day out.

Trail Walking to Spernal:

This walk takes you to The Heart of England Forest and the Arden way. The Heart of the England Forest is a growing forest with a mission to rebuild some of its lost ancient forests.

Getting Here

The Coughton Court and Spernal Estate and open for public visits all year round. To get to Spernal, a walk through Coughton is what you need.

Postal address:

Alcester B49 5JA, UK

Distance from Coughton to Spernal:

6 miles

Prices accordingly:

Adult:  £10.90
Child:  £5.45
Family: £27.25
Group of adults minimum 15: £9.16
Group of children minimum 15: £9.60

To check Opening Times:

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