The 200-year-old hall is used for hospitality and to host exclusive events. The hall has a history of the many residents who have lived through the past two hundred years. Donington Hall opened up in 1793. Besides the hall, there are lakes with fish swimming freely. On the 26 acre ground, you will find lawns and mature woodlands. The oldest feature of Donington Hall is the Donington Deer Park.

The deer park dates back to 1202 and has oak trees almost 900 years old. The hall hosts many events, including weddings, concerts and even sports events. The racing track at Donington Park is mostly use for sports events. Sports events take place frequently because Donington Hall is owned by the owner of Norton Motorcycles; Stuart Garner. Stuart Garner purchased the hall in 2013 and has brought the hall back to its stature with his efforts.

Things to do:

Plan your events there:

Donington Hall is not just a place to absorb history, but a place where you can plan your events. The hall has been a host to weddings, meetings, sports events, product launches, concerts and many other events. Head on over to Donington Hall to check out the venue for your next event.

Deer Park:

The deer park is around 160 acre. Their wild deer herd is going strong and the perfect place for deer watching.

Castle Donington:

Visit the castle and go back in history.

How to get there – Address:

Donington Hall, Castle Donington, Derby, DE74 2SG, United Kingdom


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