Home to a 17th-century mansion; Dyrham Park boasts a large and unique collection of items. The mansion is still being restored with a few projects currently underway. The house is still open for visitors to learn about its history and art. Dyrham Park comprises of the Dyrham Mansion house, the deer park, West Garden, book shops, tea rooms and tea gardens. Each season helps in giving the entire park a new and gorgeous look. A 270-acre parkland; the autumn season is the most awaited for. The autumn season tends to bring with it a whole river of colours to the park and enhances its look and beauty.

Along with that, the annual deer rutting is most popular amongst visitors. Every year people come around in the month of October to watch the male bucks’ battle it out to impress the female does. In addition, many events take place yearly on the grounds. One of which is the Harvest Festival, which brings in lots of visitors. Dyrham Park’s versatile nature and wildlife have helped to bring it to life in the past years.

Things to do:

Annual events:

Dyrham Park’s annual events also attract a fair crowd. Such events include the Harvest Festival and Halloween trail.


The Park also holds guided tours throughout the park. Some of which are the “Hidden Water Walk”, “Summer Garden Tour” and “Discover the Deer Park” tour.

Silent Space:

The Park also has a weekly session of ‘Silent Space’ for you to come and enjoy the perfect view and your time in absolute silence.

West Garden:

The West Garden at Dyrham Park also provides you with versatile picnic spots. It’s a lovely place to go for a stroll.

How to get there – Address:

Dyrham, Gloucestershire SN14 8HY, UK

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