Even though it is a large country house, the word ‘castle’ has been attached to it for around 800 years. Owned by the de Eresby family since 1516, it is their home to this day. Today the 28th Baroness Willoughby de Eresby resides at Grimsthorpe Castle.  The house is home to a collection of paintings. All week, guided tours are held that last around an hour.

During the tours, visitors ask questions and talk to the guides. The house has a wide array of history stored for the public to explore. Besides the house, the Grimsthorpe Castle Park is home to a range of wildlife. The most common of all is the Red Deer and Fallow Deer. If you’re lucky you might also catch sight of a Muntjac Deer. These deer are scared of people and that is why getting a glimpse of them is quite hard at times.

Things to do:


Visit the castle and explore the history in each room. Take the tours and listen to the great stories of Grimsthorpe Castle Park.

Adventure Playground:

A small playground made for children where they can play around and also spot foxes and deer.


You can either bring your own bikes or hire them at Grimsthorpe Castle Park. There are two trails. One for families and one for families with children. The one for families is 9.6 miles and the PINK trail is for families and children are for 7.3 miles.

Dog Walking:

Bring your dogs along to have a family picnic or just for a walk. Make sure your dog is well behaved and on a lead.

Tea rooms:

Stop by at the visitor centre and have a few refreshments. No one can turn down some afternoon tea with homemade cakes.


Grimsthorpe Estate Office, Bourne PE10 0LY, UK

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