One of the best well-kept castles in North England is the Raby Castle. With over 600 years of history, this castle has shared many stories and witnessed many changes in time. Located in the heart of Durham Dale in County Durham, it’s a lovely place to visit for a family day out. The castle was said to be built by John Neville between 1367 and 1390.  Take a quiet walk in the walled gardens or explore the history of the medieval castle. Go deer watching in its 200-acre deer park or just relax in one of its cosy tea rooms. Raby Castle is a beautiful place one never gets tired of.

Things to do:


You can take walks around Raby castle or around the beautiful walled gardens. Dating back to medieval times, this castle is definitely the perfect place to take a walk down history.

Deer Watching:

With its 200-acre deer park, Raby Castle becomes a great place for deer watching and outdoor days. Bring your family out to spend the day in the open and beautiful deer park with a spectacular view of the castle.


Whoever visits Raby Castle, has explored through the halls and collections of the castle. The historical interior and exterior and family collections are well preserve and available for showcasing. Besides that, there is a collection of horse-carriages of the medieval times to indicate the transport of that time.


Raby Castle has its own special tea rooms for you to relax and grab a bite. It also has a separate area for your children so they could be free in the woodland play area.

How to get there – Address:

Staindrop, Darlington DL2 3AH, UK

To check opening hours and prices, click the link below.

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