Beavers were nowhere to be found for 500 years in England. Suddenly in 2013, someone noticed the first beaver on the banks of River Otter. It has since then been home to beavers and has because of that become a popular attraction to the public. River Otter rises on the Blackdown Hills, just inside the county of Somerset, near Otterford, England. The River’s source is in the north of Otterford.

The River gained a whole lot of attention when the Beavers appeared. But it wasn’t an easy journey. The farmers close to the river were concerned that with the return of these beavers, they could have diseases. In turn, the government announced that those beavers at River Otter be captured and placed in the zoo. Some people protested against the decision for quite a long time. People wanted the animals to live at their natural habit i.e. River Otter. Some said that beavers dams would provide a habitat for birds and fish. After some difficulty, they announced that the beavers will be checked for diseases and be released back at River otter, their home.

Things to do:


The main attraction about River Otter is the family of Eurasian Beavers. Take a walk along the river and you might be lucky to catch sight of a Eurasian Beaver.


The area surrounding the river Is lovely for walks any time of the day.


Head on over to Otterton Mill Restaurant to have a few refreshments and relax.


Otterton, Budleigh, Salterton, UK

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