A place perfect for a family day out and a farming experience for the little ones. The Snettisham Park Farm is a 329-acre working farm that is open for the public to visit in summers. This farm is perfect to visit in the summer holidays. Situated in West Norfolk, the park opened to the public in 1986. The Snettisham Park is a working farm that grows wheat for the animal feed. Besides that, the farm also grows sugar beet, malting barley and grass that is grazed by 400 ewe flock, horses, ponies and herd of deer.

Things to do:

Deer Safari:

Go on a 45 minute trip on a special covered trailer to the Safari Land. The Safari Land at Snettisham Park Farm is the best part of the entire visit there. Special trailers take a trip through safari land of the spectacular herd of Red Deer. You have a close encounter with the herd and you also get to hand feed them.

Lambing time:

Visitors come from everywhere to witness the time of lambing. You can even get to bottle feed lambs.

Pony rides:

Children get pony rides on one of the three gorgeous trails.

Walking Trails:

You can choose one of three gorgeous walking trails to take calming walks on. You can even bring along your well-behaved dog on a lead as well.

Visitor Centre and Tea room:

The visitor centre and tea room at Snettisham Park Farm are where you can relax and have a cup of cream tea and some light refreshments whenever you want.

How to get there:


Snettisham Park Farm, Bircham Rd, Ring’s Lynn PE31 7NG, United Kingdom