Hidden amongst the cliffs at Pembrokeshire, Stackpole Quay is a small stoney harbour. It has become the favourite of many people who love kayaking and exploring. People explore these caves every day while some love climbing the cliffs. It is a small beautiful place to spend the day with your friends or your family. Below the waves, you might be lucky to find the occasional European Spider Crab is found on Stackpole Quay.

The area surrounding Stackpole Quay has a collection of self-catering accommodations which are owned by the National Trust. Going into Stackpole village, there is even a pub that provides a seafood menu and meals.

Things to do:


It’s the perfect place to bring out the canoe and go canoeing on a sunny day.

Cliff Climbing:

The harbour is nestled between cliffs and you can often see people climbing these magnificent cliffs.


Even though the beach is small, it is perfect for anyone who doesn’t like busy beaches. Walks on the beach is a must for everyone.


Besides the features of Stackpole Quay there is also Parking space by National Trust. There is also a small café on the harbour that provides everything, from lunches to cream tea.  Other facilities include a phone and toilets as well.

How to get there:

The quay is 6 miles away from the Pembroke station.


Stackpole, near Pembroke, Pembrokeshire.

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