This 500-acre land is a place where you can find a combination of fun and relaxation. The Wollaton Park is a large park with historic buildings and museums. The eye-catching historic buildings are Lenton Lodge and Beeston Lodge. The museums are the Nottingham history museum and the Nottingham Industrial Museum. The wildlife at Wollaton Park is the occasional Red Deer and Fallow Deer with a few species of birds. An interesting fact is that Wollaton Hall was also used as the house that belonged to Bruce Wayne in the Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. This fact enough is the reason for it being a popular tourist site.

Things to do:

Annual Events:

There are some annual events hosted at Wallotan Park which attracts quite the crowd. The events include:

  1. The Splendour Music Festival. This festival takes place in July annually.
  2. The Nottingham Autokarna- This annual show is where you’ll see the best classic
  3. Nottingham Steam and Country Show.

Many other events are also held at the Wollaton Park for the public and it definitely attracts the deserved attention.

Art Prints:

The Hall holds the most amazing art for you to see. You can also order the art prints if you want.

Children’s Play Area:

The new play area at Wollaton Park for children is the perfect place for picnicking and for your children to run around and have the fun of their own.


A personal shop situated in the Courtyard Stables has everything from souvenirs and gifts to books and locally produced drinks and food.


The café offers a wide range of foods for you to eat and relax at.

How to get there:

Getting to Wollaton Park is not difficult. Once you reach Wollaton you’ll know where the famous park is too.


Wollaton, Nottinghamshire, England