The Minke Whale is a species of baleen whale, which are some of the largest animals in the world. Despite their size however they are specialists in eating some of the smallest animals in the ocean. Baleen is a term that describes the characteristic plate like structures found in the mouth of these animals that act like a filter.


Found throughout the most of the world’s oceans.


Minke Whales are or piscivorous, meaning that they feed on fish. Their diet does change dependent on the season and region, becasue of this they are known to also feed on deep-sea crabs, lobsters, squid and octopus.

Predators & Threats

Like many marine animals, Minke Whales are under threat from humans. Pollution, climate change and direct hunting are three of the major problems facing these giants of the ocean. Large sharks, Killer Whales and humans are the only natural predators of the Minke Whale.


  • They are the second smallest of the baleen whales. The smallest is the Pygmy Right Whale.
  • This species can weigh upto 11 metric tonnes.
Common Name(s)Scientific Name
Minke Whale, Lesser RorqualBalaenoptera acutorostrata
 Males: 7m. Females: 8m.
 Typically 30-50 years

Best Time to Look

All year round


Where to find Minke Whale