The highest Highland compared to the nearby highlands, Land’s End is a headland located in western Cornwall England.  The headlands close to it are Pedn-men-dhu that overlooks Sennen Cove and Pordenack. The area around Land’s End is a designated part of an Important Plant Area due to its rare species of Flora found there.

The unique wildlife found at Land’s End includes a number of marine lives. You might just get lucky and get to see a Minke Whale or a dolphin. You can also see Gannets around. A number of other water animals are also available at Grey seals.  The closest beach to Land’s End is the Sennen Beach.

Things to do:

South West Coast Path:

It is a 3-mile walk along the South West Coast from Lands End to Sennen Cove. It has a spectacular view as well as amazing wildlife and historic sites to look at.

The Relentless Sea:

A huge tourist attraction. As Land’s End is literally the end of England, it attracts a lot of attention. The sea here has its own story to tell as people come to witness the spectacular waves crashing on the jagged rock formations.

Sennen Beach:

On the immediate north of Land’s End, Sennen Beach is a great place to surf. There is a surfing centre there as well for beginners.

Greeb Farm:

A great place for children. Here, they can feed common farm animals which we know they’ll love.


Land’s End, Cornwall, TR19 7AA, United Kingdom