The Gannet or Northern Gannet is a large white seabird with a yellow cap, and black wings. This species often has a blue ring surrounding the eye. With brilliant eyesight they can locate prey from upto 45m above the surface of water.


Their geographic distribution of this species ranges across the Atlantic ocean. They like to live on rocky coasts and cliff edges.


Upto 90% of their diet is made up of shoal forming fish, which includes a number of species such as sardines, cod, anchovies and haddock. The remaining section of their diet comprises of crustaceans and other marine invertebrates.

Predators & Threats

Being a coastal species, the gannets come under attack from aerial, aquatic and terrestrial predators, examples of such include; sharks, hawks, ravens, gulls and foxes.


  • The gannet can dive upto 15 meters to capture their food. Whilst diving they can hit the water at upto speeds of 60 mph.
  • There are approximately 180,000 breeding pairs in Scotland alone, which makes up an estimated 40% of the world’s total population.
Common Name(s)Scientific Name
 Gannet, Northern Gannet Morus bassanus
 70 – 110 cm
 17 – 25 years.

Best Time to Look

All year round.

Where to find Gannet