The Père David’s Deer have unique antlers, which point backwards but stand tall, these antlers are what make them so  easy to identify. Along with another distinguishable feature being their relatively long tail.


Père David’s Deer are now extinct within the wild so are only now found in captive environments around the world. They are semi-aquatic animals and are native to China.


Their diet consists of grasses and plants.

Predators & Threats

Since the Père David’s Deer went extinct from the wild, the only threat they now face is hunters in some areas of the US, where they can be hunted in captive settings.


  • Père David’s Deer grow two different pairs of antlers each year. Their summer antlers are the biggest set compared to those in the winter.
  • The colour of their coat changes through the seasons. Usually to a duller colour in the winter months.


Common Name(s)Scientific Name
Père David’s Deer, Pere David’s DeerElaphurus davidianus
 120cm (shoulder height)
Up to 18 years

Best Time to Look

All year round.

Where to find Père David’s Deer