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Published on : 2nd May 2018

Dawn Chorus Walk at Dinefwr Park

Dinefwr Park

Want to experience starting one beautiful spring morning listening to bird songs? Dinefwr Park is hosting a dawn chorus walk on the 7th of May 2018 from 6 AM to 9 AM. The said date also happens to be the “International Dawn Chorus Day”, a day meant to celebrate and appreciate the wonderful symphony birds make.

Dawn chorus is one of nature’s magical events that takes place during spring and early summer. Robins are usually the opening act, being one of the first bird species to sing for the season. Other resident birds that kick-start the singing include blackbirds, great tits, blue tits and dunnocks. Joining the chorus are migratory birds which typically start arriving late March.

The ideal time to listen to the chorus is in May, when the singing reaches a crescendo and a beautiful harmony of music fills the air. During the day, the chorus is at its loudest thirty minutes before and after sunrise – the time when most birds are already singing their individual repertoires. In one dawn chorus, it is possible to have at least 20 different bird species singing.

Admittedly, to the untrained ear, the sounds may seem to be nothing more than just noises. But for bird lovers, they are joyous melodies that signals the beginning of another day. For first-timers or those who are not well-versed with the different birds sounds, joining a dawn chorus walk is highly recommended. With experts leading the activity, you learn what sounds to look for and which bird species are making them.

While listening to the chorus is possible anywhere, it is best done in deciduous woodlands or nature reserves. This is why Dinefwr Park is one of the ideal places to go on a dawn chorus walk. Dinefwr Park’s dense woodland is home to different species of native birds. It also has a good population of migrant birds.

Park rangers are going to lead the dawn chorus walk at Dinefwr. Aside from listening to the “concert”, the activity includes a guided tour of the park. You may bring along children over 10 years old. However, dogs are not allowed in this activity. Ticket price is £8.50 inclusive of breakfast. To secure a slot, please call their office early.

Photo by Glen Bowman

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