An inlet on Little Orme’s Headland, Angel Bay is a bay located on the North Wales Coast. Angel Bay is popular because of its view and a wide range of marine wildlife. The basic and highlight animal of Angel Bay are the Grey Seals. It is easy to watch them while they swim around. The view is great. It has a variety of Flora and Fauna.

A history of its own and stories to tell.  Besides the occasional seal spotting, there are many breeds of birds there too. Birds like Fulmars, Razorbills, and gulls can be found there. While seals are easier to spot and are the main attraction, you could get to see other animals too. If you bring your binoculars, you might get a chance to catch sight of dolphins and porpoises at sea. Angel Bay is never too busy and is a great place for a family holiday to just enjoy and catch sight of a few wild seals.

Things to do:

Seal spotting:

Spot seals while you walk around on Angel Bay. Catch a glimpse of a few wild seals swimming around or just relaxing on the shore.


A great place to take walks and strolls. The view and Grey Seals are an added bonus.


Plan a day with your family at Angel Bay. Go on a picnic while you enjoy the scenic view and also spot a few seals.


You can bring your dogs along to play around or for walks.

How to get there – Address:

The Little Orme, Penrhyn Bay, Llandudno, LL30 3RW, Wales

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