Situated in the south of Disley, Cheshire, the Lyme Park Estate is managed by the National Trust. It is the largest house in Cheshire and is located in a deer park. The entire estate consists of a mansion surrounded by formal gardens and a deer park that falls in the Peak District National Park. The mansion has a mixture of styles that were modified by Giacomo Leoni in the 1720’s. The mansion predates back to 1346 when it belonged to Sir Thomas Danyers. Later on, in 1388, the mansion was passed on to the Leghs of Lyme. The house has a remarkable history and a beautiful interior as well as an exterior.

Things to do- Garden Walks:

Lyme Parks’ beautiful gardens have been well kept and are just the perfect place to spend time with your family and friends on holiday. Venture through the beautiful gardens and take in the historical view of the beautiful mansion.

Attend different events:

Attend events at Lyme Park that will help you see the history and beauty of the entire place. Events are also set up frequently for the public to come by and take in what they can.

Deer Watching:

With 1400 acres of hills, woodlands and moors come the deer. A deer park is an amazing place for deer watching. Besides the two species of deer, there are also unique birds that are found in the area. Also, birds like House Martin, Barn Swallow and Pied Flycatcher are frequently present in the vast land.


The vast land can be use for cycling or running whenever you want.


Besides the normal walk in the beautiful Lyme Park gardens, the whole woodland and moors are free for walks, running and jogging.

How to get there:

The best way to get to Lyme Park is by train. Moreover, the nearest train station to Lyme Park is the Disley Railway Station. This is just under one and a half miles away from the park.


Disley, Stockport SK12 2NR, UK