Not just any meadow; this mosaic of small water meadows, ponds, marshes, and wet woodlands are a sight worth watching. Smallbrook Meadows is divided into two areas with the car park in-between. The seasons bring about the changes in the look of the entire meadow. As spring arrives, the colourful flowers bloom all around.

The wildlife at Smallbrooke Meadows can consist of Water Voles, Otters, Kingfisher birds and water rails. Visitors like to come down to the meadow to have a calm evening by one of the small six meadows or the ponds. Dogs are allowed, so bring down your well-behaved dog and have a family picnic if you will.  It is easy to reach and makes well for a family day out.

Things to do:


Clear paths are also available for visitors to walk through the woodlands and by the rivers to enjoy the view. Smallbrook Meadows is famous for its beauty around the reserve.


Find a quiet spot anywhere you want and have a picnic. Also you never know you might just spot a Water Vole or an Otter. Or you just might hear the ‘plop’ of them going into the water.

How to get there:

By car: On the southern edge of Warminster, you can reach by walking through the boating park from Weymouth. Street. Or even from the car park on Smallbrook Road.


Weymouth St, Warminster BA12 9NT, UK