A fun filled place with a whole bunch of activities and things to see. Woburn Abbey is a country house rich in art and steeped in grand architecture. With 400 years of history, the grand country house has become a spot for a constant crowd. It is famous for not only its history but also of the various events and things to see there. The deer park has some of the most amazing species of wildlife and a large number of Red Deer and Fallow Deer.

Woburn Abbey is open to exploring on specific days for visitors. The Abbey has 22 rooms; each for you to explore. The rooms include a private collection of art. Some rooms, like the underground vault that holds the family’s silver and gold, are even open. Woburn Abbey has one of the largest private libraries to hold a diverse collection of history books. Besides this, the scenic gardens are known for their beautiful colours in the autumn and spring. You can also stay the night at Woburn Hotel to keep looking around the whole estate.

Things to do:


Woburn Abbey hosts many events for the public. Some of the few events are summer holidays children trails, bat walks, autumn gardening skills, triathlons, afternoon tea, a honey festival and much more.

Deer Park:

The deer park is home to a many different species of wildlife. The old deer park has been there for many centuries and is a great place for walks and picnics.

 Art Collection:

Woburn Abbey holds a unique collection of art collected from over the many centuries. Visit the abbey to get a look at the library, Chinese room and the magnificent art displays.


Visit the colourful gardens in the seasons of autumn and spring. While you’re at it, why not say hi to the gardeners.

How to get there:

Getting to the Abbey is not a difficult task as considering you can get to Woburn.


Woburn, Bedfordshire