The Axis Deer or Chital Deer originates from India and Sri Lanka. However they have since been introduced into Australia, the US and Britain.


The Axis Deer can be found in a series of national parks around the south of England. This deer species prefers grasslands and open woodlands that are easy to traverse. They are generally seen in herds of 10 – 50.


A herbivore the axis deer feeds on grasses and other plant sources.

Predators & Threats

Predators include tigers, leopards and other big cat species. Another threat to this animal is habitat degradation, such as deforestation and uses for agricultural purposes.


  • The alternative name “chital” means spotted in Hindustani (Urdu and Hindi).
  • This species has a coat which remains the same colour all year round, which is unusual for a number of deer species.
Common Name(s)Scientific Name
Axis Deer, Cheetal, Chital, Spotted Deer.Axis axis
 70 – 90 cm to the shoulders. Antlers can give an additional 1 meter to their height.
 10 years.

Best Time to Look

All year round.

Where to find Axis Deer