The Red Fox is the largest of the true foxes and is easily distinguishable by its red coat, hence the name. They also have a long slender body, with long black legs and a long bushy tail with a white tip.


The environments in which red foxes inhabit include: forests, mountains, grassy areas and deserts. They are very diverse animals and have also been seen around towns and other suburban areas.


They have a highly varied diet which can include food sources such as: rodents, birds and fruits.

Predators & Threats

The Red Fox is predated on mainly in the UK by Grey Wolves and Eagles. However, they are also widely hunted by human beings for their fur pelts.


  • They tend to hunt solitary.
  • They use an array of whines, barks and howls to communicate to one another.


Common Name(s)Scientific Name
Red Fox, Cross Fox, Silver FoxVulpes vulpes
 45-90cm in length
2-5 years

Best Time to Look

All year round, notably dusk until dawn.


Where to find Red Fox