The Common Hedgehog is an iconic animal due to its wandering behaviour leading it into gardens across the UK. The spines that they possess are sharp and densely packed in order to try and avoid predation. When threatened they curl up into a ball tucking the unprotected head into the centre of the tightly packed ball


Found commonly across Europe within temperate forests including woodlands, moor and heathlands. They are also found within parks and gardens.


Insects and worms. Occasionally they feed on frogs, mice and young birds.

Predators & Threats

A consistent threat to these creatures is motor vehicles, with hundreds of thousands of Common Hedgehogs being killed on the roads every year. The two primary animal based threats to these animals are badgers and foxes.


  • Hedgehogs can travel between half a mile and a mile each night in search of food.
  • In order to get around the hedgehogs’ defensive spikes, foxes have been observed pushing them down hills and urinating on them, to try and get them to unravel.
  • They can swim, run and climb really well.
Common Name(s)Scientific Name
Common Hedgehog, West European HedgehogErinaceus europaeus
 22 – 27 cm
 Up to 10 years

Best Time to Look

All year round

Where to find Common Hedgehog