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Published on : 26th May 2018

Nature Talk at Lodge Park and Sherborne Estate

Lodge Park and Sherborne Estate

Interested about nature and wildlife? Want to learn more about them? Lodge Park and Sherborne Estate is hosting a nature talk on June 20, 2018. The event starts at 1 PM and ends at 4:45 PM. Expert speaker for this event is Roger Mortlock. He is the Chief Executive of the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (GWT).

What can you expect from this talk? You are going learn about the various endeavours of the GWT. The conservation organisation spearheads initiatives to provide information and expertise about nature and wildlife in the county. The GWT, with its local partners, works on keeping habitats and species in the Gloucestershire area safe and thriving. To make this happen and to raise awareness amongst locals, the organisation hosts over a hundred events each year.

During the talk, you may hear about GWT’s current projects involving wild animals like bats and water voles. In case you didn’t know, Gloucestershire is known for its bat population. In Woodchester alone, there are about 500 to 700 colonies established in summer. Furthermore, this place is famous for its rare bats like the Bechstein’s bat. Meanwhile, Sherborne Estate features around eight bat species. Some of the bats found in Gloucestershire include greater and lesser horseshoe, pipistrelles and Natterer’s bat, among others.

Over the last century, bat population in the UK significantly declined. Despite improvements in their numbers the past years, these mammals are still under threat. Loss of habitat is one of the main reasons why these creatures are struggling to thrive. In an effort to boost bat population in the Gloucestershire, the GWT started an initiative called ‘Batscapes Project’. During the nature talk, expect to learn more about the project and how you can help the bat population as well as other animals in the county. The talk also provides and opportunity for you to chat with the speaker and ask him your questions.

Traditional afternoon tea with sandwiches, pastries and cakes are going to be served after the talk. The ticket price is £28.00. Booking is essential. Call their office early to ensure that you get a slot.

Lodge Park and Sherborne Estate photo by jmenard48

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