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Published on : 15th August 2018

The Wildlife of the Lake District

From Haweswater to the neighbouring Ullswater Valley there are so many spectacular places in the Lake District National Park for wildlife.

Species-rich hay meadows and mossy woodlands in the valley bottom, all the way up to the windswept fells and crags, the area supports a huge diversity of species. Here are some of the wildlife highlights that you could spot locally…

  • Red Squirrels, one of the most endangered species in the UK, the Lake District is one of the main English strongholds for these cheeky, tufty eared creatures. Spot them running around the trees and grounds of Ullswater.


  • The UK’s largest land mammal the Red Deer are easily seen at dawn or dusk throughout the whole year. The main herd of Red Deer in the Lake District is centred on the south-east shore of Ullswater, Martindale.


  • Peregrine Falcons are the fastest creatures on the planet and can be seen almost anywhere where there are suitable cliffs and crags for nesting. They have recovered from almost complete extinction in the early part of the 20t century and now their numbers are slowly on the rise.


  • Pied flycatchers and redstarts are common in the mossy and fern-filled oak woodlands that surround Ullswater the beautiful birds seek out holes in trees to rear their young.

For more information on where and how to spot these incredible species have a little look at the infographic below.


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