The Greenfinch  is a common garden bird, that is easily recognisable by its distinctive green and yellow colouration. They are a sexually dimorphic species, which means that there are differences between the two sexes, the males appear more vibrant in their plumage, whereas the females’ consists of paler greens and yellows. A fabulous bird to watch in flight due to the flashes of colour and brilliant aerobatics.


The Greenfinch is quite a common site all year round throughout Europe, northern Africa and western Asia (with the exclusion of areas in the northern part of Europe, such as the top reaches of Scotland, where they are only found in summer). The best places to look for this species is the country side, woodlands and even in your garden.


These birds eat plant matter; such as seeds and leaves, and small insects like flies and beetles.

Predators & Threats

Birds are eaten by a number of predators, and the Greenfinch is no exception. Snakes, foxes, large birds all consider this species as prey.


  • Populations declined rapidly in the late 1970’s due to a disease called trichomonosis. This disease is caused by parasites and resulted in the birds not being able to feed efficiently. Recovery took place in 1990 and the populations are now at a stable level.
  • Flocking groups can vary between 6 – 10,000 individuals.
Common Name(s)Scientific Name
 Greenfinch, European Greenfinch. Carduelis chloris/ Chloris chloris
 15 cm.
 2 years.

Best Time to Look

Location dependent, but in most areas all year round.

Where to find Greenfinch