One of the UK’s top sites for rare wildlife and ancient trees. Richmond Park is one of the eight Royal Parks in London to have a well-known status. The park is a National Nature Reserve and an important habitat for wildlife.  The land was enclosed in 1637 by Charles I and has since been open to the public. The park is home to a variety of rare breeds of birds, fungi, bats, grasses and wildflowers.

Richmond Park consists of King Henry’s mound from where you can see St. Paul’s Cathedral. You can enjoy with refreshments at Pembroke Lodge and discover the gorgeous woodlands at Isabella Plantation. Richmond Park is London’s largest site of Special Scientific Interest and a European Special Area of Conservation.

Things to do:

Sports activities:

Richmond Park offers many leisure sports activities including horse riding, cycling, power kiting and golf.

Isabella Plantation:

 Explore the lovely Isabella plantation and the ancient woodland first hand.

Kind Henry’s Mound:

Discover King Henry’s Mound. And while you’re there, enjoy the view of St. Paul’s Cathedral from there.


Richmond Park is also famous for its wide range of rare wildlife. But its most common breed of rare wildlife is the Stag Beetle. While looking for wildlife, keep your eye open for Red Deer and Fallow Deer.

The Ian Dury Bench:

This bench is dedicated to the famous singer Ian Dury who died in 2000. He used to bring his children to Richmond Park a lot, which is the reason why his family donated this bench to the park in memory of him.


Richmond, UK