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Published on : 11th December 2017

Autumn Activities At Lyme Park

Lyme Park is undeniably beautiful with its intricate architecture, manicured gardens and scenic landscape. While you may visit this former sporting estate all year round, coming here in autumn can become more rewarding as the place even becomes more picturesque during this season. So, if you want to simply enjoy nature’s beauty on a hazy autumn day, head on to Lyme park and enjoy their different activities.

One popular activity all year round in this 1400-acre greenland is walking. Lyme Park offers numerous trails for walkers of different abilities. If you prefer a light, leisurely walk, try Pemberley trail which takes you to the spots where BBC’s adaptation of Pride and Prejudice were filmed. If you’re up for a bit of challenge, take the Lantern walk which also allows you to discover lesser known areas of the park.

Meanwhile, if you’re up for some socialisation and learning while walking, join the guided tour led by the park’s staff or volunteers. These guided walks are usually free but you still need to pay admission fees.

Other activities which allow you to explore the great outdoors at Lyme Park are running and cycling. Just like walking guides, there are also monthly running activities held here. For the more adventurous types, the park also offers orienteering. They have different routes available and you can choose one based on the level of difficulty you’re comfortable with. If you want to do this with your kids, there are routes which are family or kid-friendly, too!

Autumn is also the best time to spot the fallow and red deer at Lyme Park.  This area is said to be the home of the red deer, the largest native land mammal in Britain, for over 600 years. Due to the falling leaves in autumn, it is easier for you to see deer as they walk or run through the woods. Autumn is also the time for the annual deer rut or mating season. So, there is a big chance for you to spot stags (male deer) who are trying to impress hinds or does (female deer). You can witness the stags doing a loud roar to catch the attention of the females. Keep in mind, however, that getting caught between the stags and the does can be dangerous. Therefore, always keep a safe distance when watching them.

Indeed, there’s so much to see and do at Lyme Park during autumn. So, the next time you’re in search of some adventure, you know where to go!


Image Attribution: Photograph by Mike Peel ( [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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