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Published on : 12th February 2018

Children’s Day Out at Snettisham Park

Deer safari at Snettisham Park

Are you looking for an adventure to do with your kids? Try Snettisham Park in Norfolk. This working farm offers various fun activities for adults and children. It also provides opportunities for kids to get up close and personal with different farm animals and for you to introduce them to wildlife.

One of the must-try activities in the park is the deer safari. Onboard a covered trailer, you and your children get to go around the farm and see the herd of red deer that live here. During this exciting 45-minute ride, the children can watch the deer run around and sometimes, even swim in the lakes. Expect the deer to approach the trailer when you stop and when they do, your children can hand feed them.

Apart from the deer, other wildlife living in the park may also be seen during the safari. There are oystercatchers by the shore and shell ducks on the pond. There are also English and French partridges. The English partridge has a very prominent orange face and chestnut tail. Meanwhile, the French partridge is famously known for its red legs which is why it is sometimes called the red-legged partridge. Mad March hares and rabbits roam around the fields, too.

Another popular activity at Snettisham Park is ‘live lambing’ which usually begins in February. The children can also take part in bottle feeding these baby lambs. Pony grooming and/or riding is certainly an activity your children will enjoy. The pony ride, however, is only done during school holidays. There is always a farm assistant leading the pony; so, do not worry.

Lastly, if you enjoy walking with your kids, you may want to explore trails at Snettisham Park. The Farming Trail, about 1 kilometre, is doable with the young ones in tow. In this walk, you’d learn about the farm – its crops, livestock and farming methods. If you enjoy birdwatching, take the Discovery Trail. In this 2.5 kilometre walk, you are going to spot different birds, from lapwings to yellowhammers and skylarks.

This February, Snettisham Park is open daily from 10 AM to 4 PM. Before visiting, make sure you call their office to get pertinent information about the activities you want to try.

Deer safari at Snettisham Park photo by houghtonbirds

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