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Published on : 3rd January 2018

Learn About British Trees At Dyrham Park

Dyrham Park

Dyrham Park is having a Winter Tree ID Walk on February 3, 2018. This one-hour walk starts at 2:00 P.M. and the meeting point is at the park’s visitor reception area.

A National Trust property, Dyrham Park features numerous magnificent trees such as lime, beech, ash and sycamore. You would even find ancient trees which are over 300 years old, almost as old as the baroque style house here.

For those unfamiliar with this type of activity, it is basically like a deer walk, except that you would be looking at and talking about trees. Apart from marveling at the beautiful winter flora, you also get to learn about the different British trees in this ancient deer park. Most importantly, you are going to learn how to identify these trees – a skill that could come in handy in the future.

What is so special about this walk? Oftentimes, leaves are used to identify a tree. However, during winter, they become leafless, making it tough to know what species they are. In this walk, an expert is going to teach you how to identify them through their buds and bark. What’s more is that you are going to be handed a tree identification guide which you can bring home.

If you have gone on a tree walk before, this activity is certainly going to be different. Aside from being informative, it’s going to be challenging! Moreover, you get to enjoy scenic views in one of the country’s highly recommended spots for winter walks. You may even chance upon fallow deer in their winter coat, as this park is home to around 200 of them. Dyrham Park also  has other wild animals like owls, badgers, squirrels and insects.

If you want to join the Winter Tree ID Walk at Dyrham Park, advanced booking is necessary. This activity is open to children, too. So, you can bring your kids with you. Just make sure you all wear the proper attire for the season like walking boots and wellies.

Image Attribution: Photograph © Ruth Sharville. [CC-BY-SA 2.0], via Geograph
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