Restored in the 1990’s by the Devon Historic Buildings, Cricklepit Mill is the earliest known mill to still be in full swing. Built in the 13th century, it is a fulling mill that is used to finish woollen clothing by pounding it. The restoration in the 1990’s was due to a devastating fire that ruined much of the mill. After the Devon Wildlife trust got the ownership of the mill, the restoration place.

The first mill at Cricklepit Mill was built by Nicholas Gervase in 1220. The mill has an outer waterwheel which is a part of its history. Built in 1895, the waterwheel is the attraction that visitors find intriguing. Besides that, the gardens and wildlife at Cricklepit are gorgeous and play a part of their own in the beauty. The garden alone has around 94 species of plants that make the garden all the more attractive.

Things to do:


The garden at Cricklepit Mill is the epitome of nature and beauty. A small water channel provides the garden water through the River Exe. The garden is worth admiring always.


A wide variety of wildlife has made Cricklepit Mill their home. Wildlife like Otters, Kingfishers, egrets and Hedgehogs are also available at the mill.

Educational trips:

Cricklepit Mill is perfect for educational trips. Children will find the place to be fun and will love to see milling in action.

Milling day:

On the second Friday of every month, visitors witness milling in action from 10 am to 12 noon.

How to get there – Address:

Devon Wildlife Trust, Cricklepit Mill, Commercial Road, Exeter EX2 4AB, United Kingdom

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