Planted in the 1930’s, Knapdale Forest is a place for adventure. The forest covers most of the region of Knapdale, where you can find loch’s, a range of wildlife and explore ruins. The Knapdale Forest has become a place for continuous visitors. The forest is mostly known for the ancient Castle Dounie, abandoned villages, a holy well and the amazing Crinan Canal.

The Dunardy trail begins with a picnic spot where you can spot beavers. The picnic spot sits right above the Crinan Canal. The Crinan Canal is a fascinating gorgeous place, with a quay at its mouth and a harbour and bay. Barnluasgan is the perfect place to spot beavers. It is where you will find peaceful lochs and gorgeous trails. You will also find a trail that leads up to the abandoned village of Arichonan. Kanpdale forest is a place perfect for a family visit.

Things to do:

Dunardy trails:

Take a walk down the Dunardy trails for scenic views and a great view of the Crinan Canal.

Crinan Canal:

A great place to watch wildlife. You might just get to see the occasional Red Deer or Roe Deer, Golden Eagles, butterflies and song birds. You might just get a chance to see Minke Whales out at sea.


The highlights of Barnluasgan are the family of beavers. While you’re enjoying a picnic there, you would most likely catch sight of a Eurasian Beaver.


You can go fishing on the Lochs: Collie-Barr and Barnluasgan. If you’re lucky you may just net yourself a Brown Trout.

Castle Dounie:

Explore the ruins of the amazing castle while you’re there.

Arichonan Village:

Go through the Knapdale Forest trails to reach the abandoned old village. Explore the history and take in the stories of the historic story of the old village.


Knapdale Scottish Beaver Trial, Lochgilphead PA31 8PF, UK