The Golden Eagle is a large majestic bird known for being one of the world’s most efficient avian predators. They have excellent eyesight and is able to fly at approximately 150 mph, making it one of the fastest animals in the world.


The Golden Eagle can be found across the northern hemisphere, however has a more patchy distribution in Europe. In Europe they are only found at the most northern and southern regions, including northern Scotland. They are primarily found in mountain ranges and in relatively undisturbed forests.


As a raptor, the Golden Eagle is a carnivore feeding on; rabbits, other birds, reptiles and fish.

Predators & Threats

Fully fledged adults have few to no natural predators despite their extremely wide geographic distribution. The chicks, however, can be eaten by snakes, wolverines, bears and large birds.


  • The Golden Eagle can have a territory of up to 60 square miles.
  • This species is the same one presented on the national flag of Mexico.
Common Name(s)Scientific Name
Golden EagleAquila chrysaetos
75-90 cm
 Typically 15 -20 years, however they have been known to live more than 30 years.

Best Time to Look

All year round.

Where to find Golden Eagle