The Meadow Pipit is a streaky bird primarily consisting of different shades of brown, with black and white patches. Their numbers saw a decline in the 1970’s during a shift in agricultural practices, and their numbers haven’t fully recovered yet. They are therefore placed in the “Near Threatened” category.


This species can be found in a number of geographical locations from western to eastern Europe, with an all year round presence in Britain, and from France to Northern Germany. The Meadow Pipit is a winter visitor to Scandinavia, and breeds in Southern Europe during the summer months. Their habitat primarily consists of moorlands, marshes and farmland.


Insects such as flies, beetles, and spiders.

Predators & Threats

Primary predators of the Meadow Pipit include large birds and foxes.


  • Breeding season is between April and June.
  • They lay 3-5 eggs per clutch.
Common Name(s)Scientific Name
Meadow Pipit,  Mippit, Mosscheeper, or TitlarkAnthus pratensis
 15 cm
 Around 3 years

Best Time to Look

All year round.

Where to find Meadow Pipit